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Strategic User Experience Services


Strategic User Experience (Strategic UX) focuses on creating a strategy that makes sense to both client and customers. One in which drives business forward.

Strategic UX identifies and understands the audience as well as identifies how to communicate your value.

I start by developing a full understanding of your business, identifying your objectives and crafting a strategy that will serve both your audience and your business goals.

Strategic UX will allow you to differentiate from your competition and increase revenues and build a stronger brand loyalty.

Having only a usable website or application is equivalent to going to dinner and hoping it only be edible. Usability is no longer a differentiator.

UX Services

Competitive Review

A competitive review is a structured approach to benchmark your competitors’ user experience. The review looks at key competitors, features, messaging and design trends.

The goal is to develop an understanding of what your they are doing well, areas that can be improved and theories on why (or why not) they are doing what they are doing. A competitive review gives you a comprehensive understanding of how your competitors’ customer experience.

Why Do a Competitive Review

  • Gain an understanding of what your competitors are doing
  • Discover what is working well for them
  • Gain insight into what customers needs aren’t being met.

What Gets Delivered with a Competitive Review

  • Competitive Intelligence Report

Maintain a competitive advantage by conducting ongoing competitive research.

Expert Review

An expert review provides an immediate and action oriented analysis of the experience of your site, application, mobile app, or intranet. The review will reveal any large issues at the surface level and structural issues at the navigation level.

Reviews can be conducted at any stage in a design project: ideal when development timescales or budgets are tight. If done as a standalone we will suggest specific redesign solutions for correcting problems and enhancing the user experience.

Why Do an Expert Review

  • Enables improvements to be made quickly.
  • A low-cost and flexible way to evaluate user experience
  • Optimize interaction based on current usability research
  • Receive suggestions to reduce errors, improve navigation, and improve customer satisfaction

What Gets Delivered with an Expert Review

  • Heuristics Report with Key Findings Outline
  • Actionable Results to Make Immediate Impact