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An eCommerce checkout flow is the most crucial aspect of any eCommerce website.

There are many areas you can improve to impact eCommerce conversion but it only makes sense to start with the area closest to the money: the checkout.

How to use this eCommerce Checkout Checklist:

When using the checklist always keep your visitors in mind. Don’t evaluate your eCommerce site assuming your visitors know what you know.

The checklist focuses on eCommerce checkout best practices — not marketing.

While marketing is extremely important to the success of your eCommerce site it won’t matter if your site isn’t converting as well as it should.

Fix your conversion problems first then find the best ways to promote it.

Improve your eCommerce conversion rate by working through the each sections below.

Time to Get started.

Shopping Cart / Shopping Bag

Checkout Options

Checkout Flow

Checkout Forms

Shop With Confidence

Order Summary

Checkout Confirmation


Because an eCommerce checkout flow is the most crucial aspect of any eCommerce website, make sure to review yours.

For extra insight, go through two or three of your top competitors using this same checklist.  Compare how your checkout stacks up against theirs.

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